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    Avon is a British tyre manufacturing company established in 1885. The company has been dealing with top-notch car brands in the automotive industry and is also considered a market leader in the United Kingdom.

    At Bromsgrove Service Centre Ltd., we offer a wide variety of Avon tyres for any car make and model.

    We are an authorised retailer of Avon tyres Bromsgrove in the United Kingdom. Our promising services and diverse collection of Avon tyres make our establishment trustworthy to our clients.

    Avon tyres available at our garage


    These tyres offer high durability with excellent hydroplaning resistance. The hard rubber compound and uniquely designed tread bars deliver maximum grip and traction on both dry and wet roads.

  • Avon ZT7
  • Winter

    Perfect for snow-covered and slippery roads, these Avon tyres Bromsgrove are made out of soft rubber compounds, making the units flexible even during extreme winter conditions below 7 degree Celsius.

  • WV7 Snow
  • All-season

    Avon’s all-season tyres deliver a balanced performance throughout the year. Thus, you do not need to change car tyres often or every passing season. The tread designs are well optimised for perfect grip and traction in various road conditions.

  • AS7
  • 4x4

    Avon’s 4x4 tyres are manufactured specifically for SUVs. You can choose from all-terrain, mud-terrain and highway-terrain variants as per your requirement.

  • Avon Ranger 65
  • Apart from all these variants, we also store a wide range of run-flat and performance Avon tyres Bromsgrove.

    Run-flat tyres, like the Avon ZZ3, will let you drive and cover a particular distance at a certain speed even after a puncture, thereby ensuring driving safety in case of emergencies.

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    Stop looking for "tyres near me" on Google and reach us instead to buy a perfect set of Avon tyres Bromsgrove.

    You can also book a set online from our website and pay after tyre fitting at our garage.

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