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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


To enjoy a comfortable driving experience, the weight across the wheel and tyre assemblies of your vehicle must be optimally adjusted. Unbalanced wheels severely impair the overall car handling performance. You will encounter issues like reduced fuel efficiency, increased braking distance, inefficient steering response, etc. Therefore, experts recommend you opt for a wheel balancing check after installing new tyres on your car’s rims as well as a routine check every 5,000-6,000 miles.

The technicians at our garage - Bromsgrove Service Centre Ltd. - are highly trained. They carry out a detailed inspection of the entire wheel and tyre assembly to identify faults in weight distribution. They are also proficient in using cutting-edge tools and balancers, and therefore, can efficiently balance car wheels to ensure you enjoy ultimate driving comfort and safety.

Why is wheel balancing necessary?

Professional wheel balancing ensures that the tyre and wheel assembly rolls smoothly even at high speeds. However, factors like manufacturing defects in tyres, stem hole of wheels, inaccurately fitted wheels, wear on shock absorbers, etc. lead to incongruent weight distribution across the entire circumference of the wheel assembly. This imbalance leads to car handling issues and also increases risks of accidents.

Car wheel balancing Bromsgrove ensures proper weight distribution of the wheels such that your car can roll without any uneven motion.

What are the symptoms of unbalanced wheels?


Unbalanced wheels show several warning signs, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Unnatural vibrations in the floorboards, steering wheel and seats
  • Uneven and increased tread wear, thus reducing tyre durability
  • Bumpy and an overall uncomfortable driving experience
  • Increased braking distance, etc.

However, since some of the warning signs are similar to faulty wheel alignment, some car owners can find it difficult to differentiate between wheel balancing and alignment. Therefore, we recommend you avail of our expert assistance to understand the crux of the problem.

How can Bromsgrove Service Centre Ltd. help?

We specialise in both static and dynamic wheel alignment. At our facility, our technicians follow the given steps to balance your car’s wheels adequately.

  • Remove the wheel and tyre from your car and mount it onto our wheel balancing machine.
  • Rotate the wheel assembly at high speeds to record vibrations and measurements.
  • Our experts then study the data found to spot the areas of weight imbalance.
  • Appropriate counterweights are attached on the external or internal surface of the wheels wherever required.
  • Therefore, end your search for a “wheel balancing garage near me” and reach us - Bromsgrove Service Centre - without any delay.

Feel free to call us for a booking or come to see us directly. We will be happy to help.

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